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Frequently Asked Questions

RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning Dripping Springs Texaws

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(737) 334-2272

The In and Outs of how RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning of Dripping Springs does business

The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that we get at RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning - Dripping Springs

  • What Is The Best Phone Number For RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning
    To reach the Steam Cleaning Machine of Dripping Springs please contact at our new number (737) 334-2272. The old number of (512) 466-2272 is still fully functional. All numbers will still RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning - we are just transitioning to a more stream lined phone system for the BusyBeingHappy Family of Companies
  • What Is The Best Way To Get A Steam Cleaning Quote?
    RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning makes the quoting and scheduling process very simple. If you fall in our service are of the following areas - Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Henly, Blanco, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Wimberly Johnson City and Austin (HighPoint Belterra - all of DSISD). You can simply book your appointment directly at RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning - quote will be provided before scheduling. We always love to talk to you, so feel free to call or text us with any questions you may have. If you fall outside the service are give us a call and we will see if we can help you . The new number for RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning (737) 334-2272.
  • Can you Steam Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture
    The short answer is yes. The long answer is outlined over in the blog where we detail the The Dripping Springs Steam Cleaning Machine process to get the patio furniture looking fresh again. If you want to just get it booked you can do that directly here at RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning - Services tab. Book upholstery cleaning - your outdoor patio furniture is essentially the same.
  • Pet Stains and Pet Odors - Carpet, Area Rugs and Upholstery
    Did one of the pets have an accident and Pet Odor and/or Pet Stain will not go away no matter what you do - worse yet the furry little friend continues to return to this spot. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning can solve the problem - remove both the pet oder and the pet stain. Removal of the pet stain is easier than the smell, but the Steam Cleaning Machine can accomplish both for you.
  • How Often Should I Have My Carpets, Area Rugs, or Upholstery Steam Cleaned?
    It depends on the household, your lifestyle, and the lifestyle of those that live with you. If your home has children, pets (pet stains and odors), smokers, wild parties, preparing for the holidays or the summer, or preparing for guests then your home will need more frequent cleanings. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning typically recommends for the average household (no wild parties) every six months you should schedule the Steam Cleaning Machine of Dripping Springs. If you would like to get on a regular schedule of Steam Cleaning we can definitely design a plan to fit your needs and budget.
  • How Long Does It Take For My Carpets To Dry?
    Due to the high pressure extraction, and hot steam the carpets will be dry within 3-4 hours. Areas that maybe needed a little extra attention because of a spot or stain may take longer. Ceiling fans and air conditioning always make dry better here in Dripping Springs Texas. If necessary we have drying fans we can use to rapidly dry areas. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning (Dripping Springs preferred steam cleaning) aim to leave your steam cleaned carpets as dry as possible.
  • How Long Will It Take To Clean My House?
    Although it is always hard to say on average a typical Dripping Springs Steam Cleaned home takes RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning in the neighbor of 2 hours. This includes all setup, cleaning and tear down. The size of the home, number of rooms, stairs, etc, all play a part in the length of time. More information on the process we use to steam cleaning carpets in Dripping Springs Texas can be found on the RJH and Sons blog
  • How Hot Is The Water And What Is The Pressure Of The Water When Steam Cleaning?
    Each application is different - from carpet to tile to concrete to that special recliner. Upholstery is the most delicate and we will use the least amount of pressure and hot water. Concrete and tile being the hardest surface can withstand more pressure and hotter water. Most carpets fall in the middle. Dripping Springs Steam Cleaning (RJH and Sons) uses a van mounted unit that is capable of producing water as hot as 220 degrees at a pressure of 5,000psi. There is more information at the RJH and Sons blog regarding the steam cleaning process we use in and around all of Dripping Springs Texas
  • Why Should I Have My Carpets Steam Cleaned?
    The longevity of your carpets (area rugs, and upholstery) will drastically increase by a routine professional steam cleaning. When cleanings are avoided, your carpets, area rugs, and upholstery are more susceptible to holding in even more dust, dirt, dander and allergens. Getting regular steam cleanings can restore the original look and luster of your carpet, area rugs, or upholstery. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning of Dripping Springs also believe a freshly steam cleaned carpet, area rug, upholstered chair, sectional sofa, or even that outdoor patio furniture will just make more time for being BusyBeingHappy.
  • Which Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is The Best?
    RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning of Dripping Springs uses a method called “truck mounted hot water extraction,” more commonly known as “steam cleaning.” More information about our "office" - The Dripping Springs Steam Cleaning Machine can be found at out About Us Page or at our Blog where wee outline the basic of steam cleaning used by RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning.
  • Can You Steam Clean Tile and Grout?
    At RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning we are often asked about steam cleaning tile and grout. The Tile & Grout cleaning process if very similar to steam cleaning of carpets, area rugs, or upholstery. We just use a different set of tools but the process is called hot water extraction to clean grout, which is often referred to as steam cleaning because of the steam you see as we clean. Basically we treat your tile and grout with a solution, scrub the grout & tile if necessary, and then using the Steam Cleaning Machine of Dripping Springs high pressure wash your floor with HOT water and then extract it all back in the Steam Cleaning Machine of Dripping Springs leaving your tile and grout both Sparkling CLEAN and DRY.
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