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Carpet Steam Cleaning Basics

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Carpet Steam Cleaning is one of the services offered by RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning. The process of us steam cleaning your carpets is painless to you and rather a simple process for us. Many people have asked "What is the process of steam cleaning my carpets or area rugs"?

RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning - Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs Steam Cleaning - RJH and Sons

So we decided we would quickly outline the process. Upon arrival we review the areas that need to be Steam Cleaned with the customer.

  • We then return to our "office" the Steam Cleaning Machine and begin the setup process.

  • Depending on the stains we will determine what product we will use to pre-treat the carpet before the actual steam cleaning takes place.

  • We will then pre-spray all areas that will be steam cleaned

  • Then we do what we like to call "wrestle hoses". We will lay out a 2" suction line and a 1/2" solution line. The solution line is where the steam comes from and suction line is where all the dirt will go.

  • Once the pre-spray is complete and all hoses are laid out and connected the steam cleaning will begin using a wand very similar to the one in the picture above

  • No solution other then water is put down with the wand. The only solution that is applied is the pre-spray. Think of it like taking a shower. First you soap up (pre-spray) and then you rinse off (Hot High Pressure water)

  • Once all areas have been Steam Cleaned we load all the hoses and equipment back into Steam Cleaning Machine.

To keep it simple we tried to make the process a simple as possible. All steam cleaning jobs are different and may require different processes and techniques to make sure that your carpet is as clean as possible when we have completed the steam cleaning process. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning also offers tile & grout steam cleaning, area rug steam cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning and concrete steam cleaning. We are a local family owned and operated Dripping Springs business. We service all of Dripping Springs, Austin, Wimberly, Johnsons City, Bee Cave, Lakeway and Blanco. All if the DSISD is included - go Tigers

RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning is part of the BusyBeingHappy, LLC family of companies. BusyBeingHappy, LLC family of companies also includes

  • Armadillo Industrial Supply which provides FlashForge 3D Printers - Formax Printers, Shredders Pressure Sealers - GreenWave Cardboard Perforator - Proton Degauseers - MBM Air Purifiers, Phoenix Safes

  • Hot-N-Here which is a food truck located in DFW metroplex, also offering Private Events/Parties - Private Catering - Corporate Events - Festivals - Sporting Events

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