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Unlock That Shine: The Benefits of Steam Cleaning Tile and Grout

Tile floors and grout are a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas in our homes. They're durable, attractive, and relatively easy to maintain. However, over time, even the most diligent cleaning routines can leave tile and grout looking less than pristine. That's where steam cleaning comes in as a game-changer.

To extend the lifespan of your tile and keep it looking its best, turn to the team of tile and grout cleaning experts at RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning. The Dripping Springs Father and Son Professional Cleaning Team have the machinery and skills to thoroughly restore your tile and grout to peak condition, allowing you to focus your time and efforts on more important matters.

Let's delve into the benefits of steam cleaning tile and grout.

  • Faster and Easier for You

    • Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning is relatively inexpensive when compared to the time, effort and materials it would take you to get the Tile and Grout as shiny as the professional at RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning

    • For you to effectively clean the tile and grout in your home you may be required to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing with a brush. Truly Back Breaking Work and good way to wear out your shoulders, knees and elbows!

    • Even after your hours of endless scrubbing in the end you will still be pushing around that dirty water with your mop and bucket.

      • Keep reading - the final advantage of Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning is Water Extraction. This is the "secret sauce" of professional steam cleaners to get your tile and grout clean in a way not possible with a mop and bucket.

  • Deep Cleaning

    • With Professional Steam Cleaning service such as RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning a van mounted high pressure steam system is used. With a water temperature of up to 220 degrees and pressure nozzles capable of delivering 3,000 psi directly to your grout lines the tile and grout will be left looking like the day it was installed.

    • For the very soiled and stained areas the Steam Cleaning technician may also pre-treat some areas with a Environmentally Friendly product to help break up the years of kitchen grease, dirt, ground in dirty dog prints, and food spills

  • Water Extraction

    • This is one of the most understated advantages of hiring a Steam Cleaning Professional and the only way to get the floor truly clean and back to like new state.

    • When Homeowners and Business Owners clean their tile and grout floors they typically employee a mop and bucket of water. This is something you would do after the back breaking work of scrubbing the tile grout lins. Mop the Floor.

    • Problem with this approach is you are effectively moping around dirty water. Sure the first mop swipe out of that steaming hot bucket is clean, but that is the only time unless you replace the water and mop head after each pass.

    • RJH and Sons Professional Steam Cleaning Services extracts the dirty water off of the floor. Essentially we are Power Washing your tile and Grout with Hot Steamy Water and Extracting the dirty water back to the van leaving your floor 100% Clean and Dry. All that Dirt, Grease, Grim, past cleaning products and dirty water is completely removed. That is not possible with the Mop and Bucket approach.

Steam cleaning tile and grout is a highly effective and eco-friendly way to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your home. It combines deep cleaning power with a chemical-free approach, improving indoor air quality and extending the life of your surfaces. If you want to unlock the shine of your tile and grout without compromising your health or the environment, steam cleaning is a smart choice.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning is not just for floors. Steam Cleaning of Tile and Grout can be any surface - floors, showers, bathrooms, countertops. Any place you have tile and grout the professionals at RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning can help you out.

RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning

Do you need your carpets, area rugs, tile & grout or upholstery steam cleaned? Professional steam cleaning can remove years of dirt and stains from all kinds of fabrics, and surfaces. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning has the equipment and expertise necessary to safely perform all your steam cleaning needs.

All services can be booked directly online or by calling or texting either of our numbers (512) 466-2272 or (737) 334-2272.

RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning is the Dripping Springs Steam Cleaning Machine. We are a local family owned and operated business - a father and son team. RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning of Dripping Springs services, Blanco, Austin (Dripping Area) , Johnson City, Wimberly, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Barton Creek, and Driftwood. Contact us to schedule your Steam Cleaning.

RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning are proud members of the Dripping Springs Chamber or Commerce and Blanco Chamber of Commerce - thank you for your support.

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